Michael Tienhaara

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Big Sky I Big Sky II Cliffs I Cliffs II Contours VII Contours VIII
Contours IX Contours X Melody I Melody II Melody III Melody IV
Light I light II Light III Light IV passive I LS Version I Passive I Version II
Passive I Passive II Impressions I Impressions II Impressions Enhanced Impressions I BLUE Impressions III
Canyon III Canyon IV Endless Vista I Endless Vista II tempest I Tempest II
Pastels IV pastels IX Pastels VII Square Pastels VIII Sculpture XII BLUE Sculpture XII
Sculpture XV BLUE Sculptue XVII BLUE Sculpture XVII Sculpture XVIII BLUE Sculpture XVIII Sculpture XV Timeless I variant I Timeless II variant I
female standing I formation I  formation II  female standing II Dreams V  Dreams VI  Dreams VII  Dreams VIII 
Sculpture IX Horiz Sculpture IX  Sculture IX Vertical B  Sculture IX Vertical C  Sculpture X  Series IV XV  Series IV XVI 
Series III vIII Series III vIV version II version VII variations Series II vV Expanse III Wide
awakening I awakening II awakening III awakening IV Deep Canyon I Deep Canyon II

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