Michael Tienhaara

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Facets I facets II  facets III  facets IV  textures V  textures VI  timelesss III
tempest I tempest II accentuate I fills III fills IV textures BL I textures BL II

fusion_I fusion II shimmering I Shimmering II textures BL III textures BL IV maze I
shimmering_I_LS deep canyon I  deep canyon II  terminate I Galactic V Galactic VI
series IV XIII  series IV XIV  textures_II_series-IV-XVI_VERSION-III  textures II Series IV   XVII  gal big strokes T  galactic big strokes I WC effects  galactic big strokes I WC effects no paper 
galactic_big-strokes_I_WC_EFFECTS_NO_PAPER_vII  galaxy X galaxy XI perpetual II perpetual III textures V texture VI
Crest I Crest II Expansive I V1 Expansive I V2 Expansive I V2 Expansive II V2 Expansive I  V3 Expansive II V3
Expanse III V1 Expanse III V2 Expanse III V3 Expanse IV V1 Expanse IV V2 Expanse IV V3
Odyssey Past I V1 Odyssey Past I V2 Odyssey Past II V1 Odyssey Past II V2

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