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Michael creates landscapes on 3 types of substrates: board, paper, and canvas in a variety of sizes ranging from a miniature size that is 5" X 7" to large paintings on canvas that may span over 6' across.  Most of his paintings are sold through a variety of dealers, galleries, and distributors internationally and nationally.


The artist's inventory of paintings changes on a daily basis.  The paintings on the website have already been sold.  The artist encourages viewers interested in any of the works to send an email inquiry about any of the images the viewer  may be interested in acquiring.  The artist will respond with suggestions regarding the creation of new imagery that will be similar to the painting (s) that chosen by the viewer.

To facilitate viewing, the artist's landscapes are divided into two categories. One category is for the small 5" X 7" miniature paintings on board. The second category includes larger paintings on canvas and paper.  For larger representations of any of the paintings on either
page simply click on the small thumbnail and you will be
taken in a larger picture of the painting.

Large Paintings by Michael Tienhaara

solace V solace VIII faraway brook  far away places III far away places IV golden harmony  solace I solace IV tranquil dreams V

falls last days I falls last days Ii tranquil dreams I tranquil dreams II tranquil dreams III tranquil dreams IV meadow serenade IV meadow serenade III Autumn Bloom II
autumn song III autumn song IV serene journey I serene journey II serene journey III serene journey IV

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Miniature Paintings by Michael Tienhaara (click on picture below)

along passing stream IV 

For more information about the artwork of Michael Tienhaara please send your questions, comments, and requests to:



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